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BIM: cutting-edge technology

Building information modelling (BIM) is the natural progression and evolution of digital systems employed in architecture. BIM seeks to exploit the data gathered from mechanical and electrical systems, to better understand how we use our buildings with a more sustainable approach to construction.

Paragon Group, incorporating the various divisions, has extensive experience in BIM. The first building constructed using Revit was General Electric in 2004. Since then, the Group has extended its use of software to other plugins and BIM. Design and production are completely based on the BIM-type Autodesk Revit software, with NavisWorks for service co-ordination. We carry out quality inspections using iPad-based SnagR software. Continuous in-house training and skills assessment ensure that we use technology investments to their full potential.

Standards and Regulations: redefining boundaries

Paragon is renowned for pushing boundaries in the construction sector. Before they can be challenged, boundaries must first be established – boundaries such as the minimum standards prescribed by the National Building Regulations, the Building Standards Act and other parliamentary acts. At Paragon, we work towards creating innovative contemporary architecture that exceeds prescribed standards in order to construct buildings that are universally accessible, energy efficient, convenient and safe for all.

Innovation: knowledge leaders

Paragon’s approach to Innovation is an open minded one that involves developing and implementing innovative talent. We are committed to creating a company vision that ensures our workforce has the most up to date tools and knowledge for our projects. We have identified key employees who are known for embracing change, and have designated them as innovation ambassadors to ensure that innovative methods are applied by the company in order to further satisfy the needs and expectations of our clients and their projects. Architecture and design are ever-changing, and we are committed to adapting and evolving to meet new challenges in the built environment.

Sustainability: responsible and holistic design

Ambitious clients understand the economic, health, environmental and social imperatives of delivering better-performing buildings, and Paragon has completed several Green Star rated projects over the years. We have also initiated an in-house Sustainability training programme to educate and inform the entire Group on the tremendous amount of knowledge applied and gained throughout the course of each project.

The advancement of technology has also come a long way in the last couple of years in terms of making resource-saving products and environmentally-friendly materials more affordable and accessible within the industry. The sustainable product market has developed so quickly, and has become so robust, that many products and technologies have become feasible and easy to use as a standard, even on non-certified projects.

The Paragon Group is driven by the principle that there lies a large responsibility towards sustainability within the development and completion of all its new and renovation projects. It is our aim to found and distribute this approach and knowledge throughout the Group, from the holistic understanding and application of sustainable principles, through to the finest details of healthy and environmentally-friendly buildings.