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The work of architects and their clients impacts significantly on cities and wider society. Architects therefore have the unique obligation to shape decision-making for the benefit of the largest possible number of stakeholders. In this process of design decision making, ethics are as important as economics, time is as important as aesthetics, people are as important as history.

We work in highly diverse teams and feed off the richness of ideas and identities that come with this terrain. We take inspiration from the innate qualities of each place, which give us physical clues as to what is possible and what is appropriate.

Design Culture

We like to describe our architecture as one of integrity and optimism; and of its time, here and now. Our architecture is not defined by stylistic preferences, but by the complex dialogue that evolves between client, architect, and members of the professional team, influenced by market demands, societal trends, local conditions, and external forces.

Paragon Architects is one of the most resilient and fast-paced design businesses on the continent. We are conditioned by the time pressures and decades-old high finance costs of the South African building industry. Accordingly, we focus on critical decision-making early in the design process. This makes design solutions clear and easier to implement by the entire team.

We continually push both design and construction boundaries – our design strategies are flexible and our design process is sculptural and craft-like. We question the process of design specific to each site and brief; experiment with new technologies; and practice innovation in the application of ideas and fresh solutions to meet the changing needs of our dynamic society and business environment.