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Paragon Group’s big 2020 ‘Thank You’

By Paragon Media

So much has been written about 2020, so much has been read….so many webinars, so many muffled facemask conversations, so much ‘zoom and gloom’. What is there to say other than THANK YOU!

Thank you to those many people in South Africa and on this African continent, who have worked to manage this health crisis as best as we all could. Hindsight is always 20/20, but at Paragon Group, we believe we reacted as responsibly and as quickly as we could to protect our team members and our project community. The price that everyone is paying, is high. Eight billion people on earth got rained on, and we are all feeling wet and miserable.


Thank you to all our Clients and their teams, for staying the course and communicating clearly and consistently, and for showing us how deeply many of our relationships go. You have worked with us as best as you can, in your own crisis time in your respective businesses. We are in awe of the resilience you have shown, in a massive shift change in the property and construction industry.
Thank you to our professional team members and co-consultants, to our contractors and sub-contractors and suppliers, and to our co-architects in various countries, who have kept our remote construction sites working when they were open.
Thank you to our Associates and Pod Leaders and to all our Team Members, in all parts of our businesses, who moved almost seamlessly to Remote Working. This was not going to be easy – but you have made it all possible. Thank you for your good spirit, your energy, your life force, and your continued excellence at what you do, in these businesses.
Thank you to ShadowNet, our IT service providers, who have really done incredible work to help us through this technology shift.
Thank you to those team members who left us during the year – be it because of emigration, due to retirement, taking the leap into own businesses and choosing voluntary retrenchment, or those few who had to face retrenchment due to the business downturn. We owe you all gratitude and a ‘bon voyage’ on your new journeys in life and in your careers. It is the first time in 23 years of business that Paragon Group had to retrench team members.