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Pretoria Institute for Architecture: Tour Alice Lane

By Paragon Media

Posted on July 28th 2015

Paragon Architects was delighted to host a tour of the Alice Lane Precinct on Friday 24 July 2015. We are honoured that members came to visit, largely from Pretoria and we hope that they enjoyed the tour.


Paragon Architects at University of Johannesburg

By Paragon Media

Posted on July 17th 2015

Paragon Architects is excited to participate in the Masters Programme at UJ. We are teaching in the  M1 and M2 programmes for this quarter and also the mid-year reviews. Paragon Architects has been appointed as Visiting Professor for this quarter where we hope to share the lessons we have learnt in the world of Practice.

New Staff at Paragon

By Paragon-1

Posted on July 7th 2015

New Staff at Paragon

We are delighted to welcome Bernhard van Renssen, Maxine Levy, Rueben Smit, Kim Newell and Ingmar Büchner to the Paragon Group.

Complex Glazing Printing_Alice Lane 3

By Paragon Media

Posted on July 6th 2015

Have a look at our report on the trials and tribulations of Team Matri. Download file below.

Paragon Architects has a new Associate

By Paragon Media

Originally posted on May 7th 2015


Paragon Architects is delighted to announce the appointment of their fourth Associate. 

 Duanne Render joined Paragon in September 2010.  Duanne was born in 1982, studied Architecture at Wits University and graduated in  2009

He worked in London from 2006 until his return in 2008.

Xenophobic Attacks: Download Statement Below

By Paragon Media

Xenophobic Attacks: Download Statement Below

Posted on April 21st 2015 in News, Press Release

In the light of the events of the last week, Paragon Group is compelled to issue this statement:

20 April 2015

Paragon Group companies – statement on Xenophobic Attacks in South Africa

The Paragon Group of companies issues the following statement in relation to the current attacks on foreign nationals resident in South Africa.

As a group of South African businesses led by a group of South African individuals, we state that:

  • Paragon Group and its constituent business owners, management teams and staff members condemn the current spate of attacks on foreign nationals, driven by xenophobia or xenophobic sentiment.
  • We condemn the failure of government and others in power, to forcefully and unambiguously confront this sentiment, in the recent past and in the present.
  • We condemn those who gain material or other benefits from carrying out xenophobic attacks.
  • We condemn those who justify xenophobic sentiments as being valid and reasonable.
  • We will not entertain xenophobic sentiment within our company.
  • We will work to make non-South African staff members in our company feel safe, and we will endeavour to protect them where necessary, should they feel threatened or be threatened in these dark days.

Paragon Group wishes to make its stance in relation to this clear.

From a human perspective:

  • Xenophobia is nothing other than blatant racism.
  • Xenophobia is unacceptable anywhere in the world, not only towards the nationals of countries who assisted the ANC and South Africa during the so-called ‘struggle years’.
  • South Africa, according to the Freedom Charter, belongs to all who live in it.
  • Within the confines of the law, no South African has the right to deny any other person the right to live in this country, or to make a living in this country. We will always seek to employ the most talented people in our sector regardless of their nationalilty, gender, race or religion and we will continue to do so.

From a business perspective:

  • Some of the strongest economies in the world today have been built based on the skill, energy and innovation of immigrants who have elected to live in countries of their choice.
  • In the Global Economy, both skills and capital are mobile.
  • It is in this context that we define Xenophobia to be bad for our economy, and that of the African continent.
  • As an African business, Xenophobic sentiment in South Africa runs counter to our growth strategy.
  • Xenophobia is a threat to our business growth.
  • Xenophobia is an insult to our staff, clients and partners and consultants in continental African countries.
  • Xenophobia undermines the relationships we have built with non-South African business people and their partners.

We will work to increase the diversity of our businesses, within the African reality of the 21st century global economy.

Henning Rasmuss

Anthony Orelowitz

Thulani Sibande

Estelle Meiring

Andrew Butcher

Vivien Yun